Task: Public Carrot Transportation

Into humiliation?

Like playing in public?

Here’s a hilariously disgustingĀ task just for you!

Perfect if you are running an errand…

Small penis tax

You know why you are here.

You’re here to pay reparation for having a small penis.

The smaller you are, the more you have to pay.

No, not how big you tell people it is.

How small it really is, boy.

Is it any wonder why no woman is truly interested in having sex with you.

How disappointing must that be.

How tiring to fake an orgasm.

How does she know that you are all the way in?

Really? How can she even tell?!?!


So, on your knees, head bowed, wallet up, and Thank me for the opportunity to make up for your shortcomings.

7 inches, your tax is $10

6 inches means you pay $20

5 inches equals $30

4 inches means $40

3 inches!! That’s not even half a dick! $80 for you!

2 inches?!?! Why even bother calling that thing a penis. $90!!

1 inch? Boy, that’s just a clit! $100

Want to be featured on my Small Penis Hall of Shame?

Think you have the world’s small dick?

Or maybe the weirdest one!

Be a permanently featuredĀ little dick loser for only $200.